As many Americans realize, the time has come to re-new the vows our Founders took in the name of Liberty. We need millions of Americans to sign a Re-Declaration of Independence, sending a message to Washington that they have become "the men of King George" and We the People have had enough!!

Your Country needs You now, to take a stand for our founding values. Only through a massive signature effort, enforced by millions and millions of Liberty Loving Americans, can we peacefully guide America back to its Founding Values. We will direct all efforts toward your representatives to get on board with foundational reform or get out! Only your signature can bring the power of change. Stand Up and Stand for Liberty. Be Brave, be a Founder! Your call to action is to sign this Re-Declaration of Independence and get ten friends and family members to sign. Time is short, 'the rot' is among us.

Patriots who refer 100 or more signatories will be added to the Re-Declaration of Independence as "Founding Signers"

Re-Declaration of Independence

October 4th, 2023

When in the course of American history it becomes evident that our government is no longer securing our God-Given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, yet rather serving the interests of itself, a duty is upon us, as citizens, to stand up and defend those rights enshrined in our Constitution. Furthermore, it is clear to these citizens, of these United States, that many political leaders, over the course of time, have so perverted the laws and institutions of public service, that a Re-Declaration of our founding values and rights is required to secure

 the God-Given Liberties guaranteed us under the Constitution.


Have not American Citizens been censored, threatened and spied upon for their political and religious beliefs? Have not members of the press been silenced for challenging corporate and government authority? Have not our Second Amendment rights to bear arms been infringed?


Have not the entrenched Senate and House of Representatives, with its ninety eight percent re-election rate, eroded citizens’ representation and institutional trust? Have not the permanent government state and activist judges repeatedly thwarted the rule of law by disregarding their sworn constitutional oath, thus creating a “two-tiered justice system”?


Has not our own government’s regulatory and financial burdens grown so large that it threatens to overwhelm our Citizens' ability to independently exist?


We see the future that many Patriots have warned us about and it’s one of oppression. We are standing for our children and grand-children, who deserve the promises of our Founding Documents, not the oppressive rule of a self-serving political class.

Much like ¨the Colonies¨ upon which King George and his Court
levied unfair taxes and enforced unjust laws before the last Revolution, we citizens have become indentured servants in a corrupt financial scheme funding endless foreign wars and occupations, government largess, mismanagement, overreach and the enrichment of political families and their allies.

With this onslaught against our Constitution and its Amendments, it is even more a duty of these citizens to call out against the erosion of our Liberties.


To do so, as Citizens, we must stand United and elect moral leaders who: honor the Constitution and pass laws to benefit the citizenry, not themselves, not foreign nations and who are dedicated to reduce the role of the Executive, and return decision-making to the people, their States and local governments.

As our 1st Amendment clearly states, it is our right and duty to petition our government and its representatives for redress.

By this document we hereby express those rights and that duty and point to the following issues and corresponding remedies demanded in the face of our Government’s malfeasance.


Furthermore, we seek that these grievances be cured through the election of patriotic Citizen Representatives to the U.S. Congress, who have signed this Re-Declaration and pledge to govern in a manner that guarantees the future solvency and liberty of these great States:

1) To allow for the flourishing of free enterprise and private sector economic growth: Adoption of an annual Balanced Budget, collecting and spending no more than 20% of GDP. Any balance collected being returned to taxpayers or deposited in the Treasury to pay down debts and strengthen our nation during challenging times. 

2) To pass a federal budget in advance of the the fiscal year, Oct.1st, which has not been done since 1996. Congress instead has used the practice of “continuing resolution” to avoid its primary job function of responsibly funding our government in a timely manner. This blatant malpractice has led to massive national debts and the debasement of our national currency, through the inflationary effects of overspending and general budget mismanagement. We demand an end to the practice of budgeting by “continuing resolution” and that Congress meet its own annual Oct. 1st deadline by delivering a balanced budget by that date OR across the board cuts will be automatically and administratively implemented to achieve this goal. Furthermore, the pay of Congressmen and women, shall be suspended until an annual balanced-budget is passed. All other functions of government will operate under administratively achieved cuts, until both houses of Congress vote on and pass an annual and balanced budget.


3) To prioritize domestic welfare and veterans in public assistance before any benefit being shared with foreign nations or foreign nationals.

4) To re-establish the principle of self-governance and rebuild the ties between the electorate and the officeholder:

 Enact and enforce term limits on Congress members and Senators of 12 years or less, per Chamber.

5) To enact Through Trade Legislation, laws that foreign producers, wishing to sell their products in America, abide by the same laws and regulation heaped on American producers. We demand a level playing field for American Workers and Producers.

6) To ensure the right of free, fair and transparent elections and the right to challenge our government without the fear of recourse, in the pursuit of such transparency. Furthermore, it is believed by the undesigned that our elections have been corrupted and the sanctity of the vote can only be re-instated by in-person, single day, identification verified, paper-ballot, voting. Election day shall become a national holiday to honor the importance of the right to vote and allow citizens time to participate. Veterans Day would be a natural choice, honoring those who served and their sacrifices to preserve our right to free and fair elections.

7) To Secure and protect our borders. Enforce our immigration laws and adopt policy that enforces orderly migration of a law abiding and productive people.

8) To adhere to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution as a constant reminder of our rights, the rights of the States, and the delineated and limited roles of the branches of Government:

 The Constitution is not a “living document.”

 We should strive for excellence in implementation of its structures and principles rather than re-interpret this sacred document.

 Inevitable evolution shall be addressed, as designed, by Amendment.

9) To be Free from collaboration on American soil or where American interests may lie, by our government and its leaders, with foreign nations and the United Nations, on policies that are contrary to our Constitution and its laws.

10) To pursue and preserve strategic resources and energy independence. Strong, moral, nations produce their own vital energy and strategic resources or where impossible, trade with allied nations who maintain congruent values. America is now, through decades of poor policy decisions, dependent on unstable or rogue nations for vital goods and raw material. Remaining self-sufficient in vital resources and energy production is national security and should be treated as such.

11) To ensure and enforce a culture of educational excellence for our children to succeed, America "requires the education of the people as a safeguard of order and Liberty." Since its founding in 1979 the US Department of Education has squandered trillions of tax-payer dollars resulting in poor outcomes while spending at the top of all industrialized nations. This Federal"experiment" has failed parents and the country. We demand a return of power and purse to states, communities and parents where it can best serve our children and country.

We hold in these United States, the God-Given Right to sign this Re-Declaration without fear of retribution by our government. However, much like Early Americans feared reprisal by the British Crown and its enforcers, we do believe that the corruption in our Government, its administration, and private allies, is so severe, that the risk of reprisal is high. In spite of these risks, we are exercising our Constitutional Right of Free Speech and "to be secure in our persons, papers and effects"...

 With that understood and under the grace of God, “for the support of this Re-Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.”


Benjamin Barrett Hinckley

David Negley Scaife

Albert R. Pyott

Dewitt Cuyler Morris

Bridget Hinckley

Sara Scaife

Brett West

Matthew Ziminsky

Sarah M. Scaife

Bettina Bauer Hinckley

Charles Fornabio

Greg Haskell

Micheal Deloover

Aric Fritz Block

William Henry Haze, III

Mariacristina C. McKendall

Daniel J. Rogers

John G. Treanor

George Skakel

Morgan McCauley

Aaron Small

Joann Binford

Robert Lyman Hinckley

Charles T. Burbage

John Bowen

Allyn "Blue" Uttecht

Joanne Marie Sumner-Obst

John Kindel Garvey

Kevin Lynch

Kathleen Baldwin

Whitney Moore Baldwin

Christian Hartsock

Annabella Campbell Rockwell

Harold F. Obst

Alexander Hamilton Spaulding

A. Everett Waldman

Matthew Tyrmand

David G. Scaife

Dean LeBreton

Jorge Brignoni

Daniel Szasz

Kirkland Marshall Anderson

David Montero

Willie Clark

Pasquale Conese

Judy Britten

Bill McCauley

Susannah Lewis

Martin Devaney

Sandy Fenton

Bill Clifford

Fred Stuvek Jr.

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